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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Disneyland July 21-23, 2014

Our adventures in Disneyland... we've been planning this for years!  Finally this year seemed that the girls were at a good age to enjoy it, and we were able to save enough money to go.

 We stayed at the Park Vue Inn across the street from the park entrance.  I got an online deal that worked out to be about $150/ night.  It was the best price around, I know, I looked for hours.  You really couldn't get any closer to Disney than that, either.  It was nice because parking was free, there was a warm breakfast, the rooms were comfy, clean, and updated, and we could just walk home for a rest if we desired (which we did.)

We ate at the Denny's across the street from the park, because it was cheaper.  The only food we bought in the park was Beignets (I'm not sure how to spell that, but their basically french donuts), and a large Mint Julip.  That is a must drink if you're there.  It is SO GOOD!  We brought in Uncrustables and Granola bars and water bottles, and they didn't confiscate those, although they did bag checks and did take food from other people.  I heard someone say the reason we could keep ours is because it was prepackaged "snacks" and not considered mealtime food.  I did have a doctor's note saying I could bring food in, just it case, but they never asked to see it.

It was a bit of a blessing that we had to rent an electric wheelchair scooter for Steve's ultra-pained,


sunburned feet because then the girls could take turns riding with him or sitting on his lap as we waited in lines.

Doing so helped preserve some their energy.  Also, for some less popular rides, we got to go pretty much straight to the front.  For the more popular rides, we had to get a pass to come back later to wait in the handicap line.  The California Adventure theme park is definitely better equipt than traditional Disneyland for accomodating wheelchairs.  If you ever have to rent a wheelchair, don't rent from Disney, go through the company across the street at the Ramada hotel.  They have scooters with a canopy (so nice to have some shade) and they cost less and you can take it anywhere, not just within the park, and there were no rules about letting kids ride on your lap.  It's what we did, and it worked well.

And now for our slideshow of our 3-day Disney adventure:
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1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

Wow! Great pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time.... minus Steve's poor burned feet. Ouch! I am glad you all had fun. You were smart to wait. I am never going back to Disneyland until I don't have to take a stroller and diaper bag with me! ;)