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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Excursion Experts At It Again!

Today we took Steve's parents out with us on an excursion to find birds to take pictures of.  We went to two places- the Ouray Refuge and Bullock Reservoir.  What fun times we had exploring together.  It was a beautiful day for it too. 
 Like the lizards, we climbed the rocks to get a better view of Bullock reservoir.  There we saw a cool group of pelicans, some different ducks, and some birds with bright yellow heads and some with bright red spots on their wings.  Steve got some pics with his camera, which I'll have to post later.  I mostly took pictures of our group having a good time.
 I love how pretty the clouds were today.  Cloudy days are my favorite for being outside in the summertime.
Steve and his mom pose for me on our little hike around Bullock Reservoir.
 At the Ouray Refuge, there were about a bazillion aggressive mosquitoes just waiting for fresh blood to feast on, so we mostly stayed in the car and did our bird watching and photography from there.  Steve saw 3 juvenile golden eagles in a tree and braved the mosquito air to get some better shots.  Steve's mom and dad also had to get a picture of the flowering prickly pear cactus plants, which were stunningly beautiful with their bright, bold colors. 
 Lily and Amara took pictures with grandma's camera of the prickly pear.
We had just taken some cactus picture at Bullock reservoir a few days prior.  The ones we saw were orange and yellow on that day, but there were bright pink ones at Ouray Refuge today.

 The other time everyone (except me) braved the mosquito air in Ouray was to climb the telescope tower to see if they could view any cool wildlife.  Amara spotted some wild horses, and we also saw some on our drive.
These little excursions are so fun and we're thankful we get to spend time together exploring nature.  It was fun having Steve's parents down for the weekend.  They were kind enough to bring boxes to us so that Steve could finish packing his classroom for the big move this summer!

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