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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Memorial Day/ Goodbye Party for Joe and Missy

Aloha Oe, Aloha Oe, Until We Meet Again.
Joe with Jayden on his shoulders, Missy with the sunglasses with her hands on JJ's shoulders so he doesn't run away, Maizie up front pulling her hood off, and Malia smiling at her sweet baby brother
This family- I love them so.  They are now living in Hawaii, on a new adventure, and I'm sure it's paradise.  I prefer to say that they are on a nice summer trip or vacation, thus tricking my psyche into thinking I'll see them soon and often.  

They made a special trip up to visit us in the Spring, knowing that they would be going far, far away for a long, long time.  After I said goodbye to them from my house on that trip, I just couldn't let them go.  My insides ached.  I hadn't had enough time with them.  I had to see them at least once more before they made the big move, so I'm so very glad it worked out and that they made time to venture up the canyon on a somewhat stormy Memorial Day for a goodbye party.
 Dad and Deb made dutch oven chicken and rice in 2 gigantor dutch ovens.  Everyone else brought sides, drinks, and desserts.  You've heard me say this before, but to me there is nothing better in this life than family, food, and outdoors combined.  And my dad's cooking- what can I say- I miss it desperately.  I'd rather eat his food than a restaurant's any day because it's dang good and it feeds more than my belly, it feeds my soul.
 The sun was out for a few hours, then a cold breeze came through and brought rain later, but it didn't spoil our BBQ.
 The portions I ate probably amounted to an entire day's worth of food.  It all was so yummers and really difficult to stop eating.  Perhaps you've heard it said- "Hawaiians don't eat until they're full, they eat until they're tired."  Guess it was the Hawaiian coming out in me.
 I couldn't get enough of this next scene.  Babies feeding babies.  It's pure bliss to watch.
 Jayden was such a big helper feeding Tommy his rice.  And Tommy?  He was such a good cooperator and opening wide for each tiny grain.
 I love all these little faces.  SERIOUSLY LOVE!
 We had a nice fire going, so why not bust out the marshmallows?  The kids foraged for sticks and did a good job toasting/incinerating their puffs of pure sugar. 
 Maizie did an excellent job toasting.  I was surprised how she was so patient and didn't just set the mallow on fire like her brother liked to do.

 Tom even drove down for the day.  He wouldn't want to miss saying his goodbyes.

 Micah somehow corralled all the kids, not just his kids, ALL the kids, and set off on a nature hike where there were no trails.  I wanted to get in on that adventure, so I followed along.
 We were "trip-trapping" over to the troll's house.
 Soon we came to a fence, the edge of the property, and we saw where people were keeping bees.  I can't imagine a lovelier place to keep bees than there.
 Then, I asked for a picture, and it was Micah's idea for everyone to show their muscles!
 Our time with everyone was short, but well spent.
 These sweet girl cousins are going to be growing a lot before they see eachother, I just know it.  Before the BBQ was done, we forced Joe and Missy's family to pose for pictures.  :)

 Love you guys!
We will see you again soon.  Have a nice "trip!"

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