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Friday, June 5, 2015


The sole purpose of this post is to boast about this burger.  It is made by my step-dad, Tom, and it is the best burger in the world. Period.  No, exclamation point!  He takes ground beef and mixes a packet of Knorr French Onion Recipe Mix into it.  Then he forms these fatty patties and grills them at the front of the grill, not directly over the flames, at a low heat until they are done.  Kissed by flame, and bold with flavor, this burger invokes envy and brings out passionate burger-jealousy.  And I got to eat it! 

Amara and I joined my mom and Tom for dinner earlier this week while Lily and Steve were at a daddy daughter barbeque for Activity Days at the church.  Tom grilled up these bad boys while Amara and I put together the salad mix.  When my burger was all ready, it was almost too pretty to eat, so I took a picture.  Then I opened wide and took an immediate vacation to flavor-city. I took a bite of salad here and there, but I never once put the burger back down on that plate.  Even after I was full, I had to finish that burger.  It does something to you- kinda like a dessert- when your taste buds keep begging for more even though you've already had enough.  I'm salivating now as I reminisce. 

Are you jealous? 


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Amanda Lauret said...

Yes, I am jealous, too! Yum! Good work, Tom!