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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Homemade breakfast in bed!  Lily made microwave scrambled eggs, Amara made the toast, and Steve helped cut up the red pear and kiwi. YUMMERS!  I feel so loved!
 What a wonderful Mother's day I had this year!  Being a mother is the greatest joy, and it's what I always wanted to do but never knew it, until I was blessed to become a mom.  My family is my life, and I love it!

The kids made me multiple cards and bookmarks.  I got flowers from my mom and Tom, and at church I got chocolates.

God gave me a beautiful double rainbow, too!

Lily reminded me of the pretty finger painting she made me for Mother's Day when she was in kindergarten, 5 years ago.  It's one of my favorites.

I got to spend time with my own mommy!!!  I'm so lucky to have her nearby!  We had dinner at my house.
 Tom surprised us with sweet yellow roses!

Our dinner was faboo! We had these Asian porkchops, the recipe that my mom found online and I made.  I saved 2 in foil off to the side so that Tom could have something to eat that wasn't drenched in teriyaki sauce.  I also made a delicious spring-inspired fried rice with radishes and chives from our garden as garnish.  But, the show stealer was my mom's famous krab potato salad!  THE BEST!
 The table was set beautifully by Amara.  Pretty tables and yummy food make me feel so very special!
 Thank you to all my family that I love so very dearly!  I am so happy to be a mom.  And I'm so lucky to have the best mommy ever!

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