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Sunday, June 12, 2016

On A Walk As A Nice Asparagus-Hunting Family

 It was a Sunday evening in Spring, and the weather was perfect.  I have a hard time staying indoors when there is such beautiful weather to take advantage of, so I convinced my family to join me on a short walk.  Amara wanted to pretend to be a horse and carry Lily on our garden cart, even though her dad advised her not to and that she was going to get tired of pulling and start complaining.  Deja Vu!  I remember a similar situation I posted about here not too long ago.  I told Steve of the experience and he decided to let her go ahead and learn for herself.  I think she not only learned how hard it was, but she also ended up with the biggest workout of us all as she trotted down the street pulling her sister on the cart (P.S. the cart's tires are somewhat flat, making it drag a bit more, too).

We saw some lovely scenes God created for us.

  But perhaps the loveliest of all was watching my family go asparagus hunting along our way.  We'd walk along, see a frond-y plant and investigate, and almost every time we found an asparagus or two or 5 to be picked.

I introduced the girls to another way of trotting while clapping their hands to the beat of horses hooves in motion.  Steve took our pic.  Notice who is pulling the garden cart.  Steve admonished Lily to offer to pull it since Amara was sweating and having a hard time, and Lily had been free-riding.
 It was great fun when we'd find a patch that had more than one asparagus for us.  Amara found a giant one, about 2 feet long.

 We came away with 30 something fresh asparagus, the biggest bundle we've ever gotten!

And take a look at the spring flowers just starting to bloom in our flowerbed!  Two of them even look like me and Amara!

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