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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our 13th Anniversary Cache-Valley-n-Bear-Lake Style, Day 1

 My sister agreed to watch our children while we went on a 5 day Cache Valley and Bear Lake anniversary vacay!  Woot woot!  We took our kids to Payson to stay with their Aunty, spent the night, then the next day, we took off around lunchtime.

First stop- the Cracker Barrel in Springville.  We both really enjoyed our meals.  Steve got the lemon pepper trout with cheese grits and I got some salad that I don't remember, but I really enjoyed.  Then dessert was mouthwatering.  Steve got the multi-berry cobbler sundae, and he said it's his new favorite.  It even trumps the Dr. Doom Lava Cake at Denny's!  Yes, it was that good.

 Then I saw some really cute sun hats, and guess what?  I need a sun hat, so I tried some on.  It came down to 2, the white and the tan one.

 Which one would you have chosen for me?

 I ended up buying the white one and I've worn it everyday since we bought it.

Next on the docket- drive to Logan.  Let me tell you, that was a beautiful drive.  The hills were alive with the green grass and bright wild flowers!

After we checked into our basement room for the night that we rented for $35.00 from a guy on, we asked our host for some recommendations of places to eat.  One place on his list was "the Crepery."  It sounded good, and it was close, so we ventured over and really enjoyed it.  The food was awesome, but the patio by the river really made the experience complete.

We went shopping for some food at the local Macey's grocery store (Steve used to work as a produce specialist at one in Pleasant Grove when we first met), since we would be cooking some of our own meals while at Bear Lake the next couple days.  While there, of course, Steve needed a King Kong Cone.  And yes, this is right after he had a chocolate strawberry cheesecake crepe at the restaurant.
The sweet tooth is strong in this one.
 We bought some sandwich makings, stuff to make our own campfire dinner, some fruit, and granola (instead of trail mix because it was cheaper), and beef jerky.  Then we checked out, dropped the stuff off at our residence for the night, and headed off to go see a movie, Captain America Civil War.  The movie was no good in my opinion, but I think Steve liked it alright.

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