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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our 13th Anniversary - Day 6 (and my Dad's birthday gift)

 The Anniversary Inn in Logan is a fun stay.  Our breakfast was yummy.  We had berry yogurt parfaits, 2 drinks each, and an entree- Steve got the ham and cheese stuffed crossaint and I got the omelette with toast and jam.  Mine was good, but next time I'm getting the crossaint like Steve.  That looked GOOD!

Our room was a tree house with a bed on the platform, and the shower was a waterfall and there was a jetted tub, and the mini fridge in the wall had sparkling cider and 2 slices of cheesecake!  It was a cool room- plus there was a light switch that would turn on a bunch of fiber optic lights in the ceiling around the bed at night that made it twinkle like sleeping beneath the stars.  I got in on the deal of the month, so we got to stay here for $99!  Score!

I'm not sure how well the video below will work, but I tried to give a tour around our room before we left the place for good.

It was a perfect stay for a perfect 13th anniversary!  Many thanks goes to my sister and her family for caring for our children so we could take such a fun and exciting anniversary adventure.  It was blissful and we loved spending that time together!

This last day of our anniversary vacay also happened to be my dad's birthday, and I had purchased a hand-carved walking stick for him, since it spoke to me at the Farmer's Market in Logan, literally calling out my dad's name.  Well, almost literally.  It even has a hidden spike at the bottom, you know, in case you need a spike when you're hiking.  April thought he should pose with it as if he were climbing a mountain- which he did a fabulous job as you can see below.

Then, I just wanted a normal photo of him, which he also posed for very nicely.


Lani Christensen said...

This is amara!!! Cool post. love the bedroom. Love you!!!

Kids In The Kitchen said...

That cheesecake you got looks familiar... wasn't one of them smeared all over Tommy's face when he gave me the jar of jelly? Cause that experience was cute! I sure love you mom!