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Monday, October 24, 2016

July 4th Weekend 2016

 Coming straight from the Blad reunion, our family and Micah's family met up with April's family and my mom and Tom at the reservoir in Altamont for jet-skiing.  Joe and Missy were still around, and they drove all the way up the canyon to jetski with us before they had to go down and fly back to Hawaii.

April's family and Micah's family stayed at my house that weekend and we had a lot of fun with them!  They joined us for church and we did a family home evening with paperbag skits and scripture stories.  Everyone had a bag with a scripture story in it and several random items that they had to incorporate into their retelling of the scripture story.  Everyone did an awesome job!
Rexton is a lion for Daniel in the Lion's den.  Great mane!

Devon was Captain Moroni with the Title of Liberty.  Spencer was Amalakiah.

We woke up early so Spencer could teach us all how to fish and fly fish.  That was so fun and everyone was successful at catching a fish.  We went to Little Montes Creek which is only 5 minutes away from our house.

We all went home to get ready to go to the parade in Neola, but Steve and Spencer lingered another half hour trying to catch "the big one."  Steve had actually caught a little fish earlier and a huge fish swam up from the bottom and swallowed that fish on his line, but since Steve had snagged the little fish, it came out of the big fish as he was reeling it in and "the big one" got away.  Too bad.  They never did catch that fish again, but they could see it down there.

We had fun at the parade, then ate out at Hideout Steakhouse where we could cook our own steak on a rock, then everyone went home.  We watched fireworks later that night at constitution park.  What a fun and full weekend!

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