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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Rest of June: Visits, Horses, Nature, and Ashley's Wedding

Father's Day breakfast with Steve and his dad
Remember Father's Day this year?  Me neither. That was 4 months ago, and it feels like years.  And that is why I'm thankful I took pictures.  We had Steve's parents come that weekend and we had a lovely time with them. 
Father's Day dinner with Tom, Steve and Steve's dad.

Father's Day dinner: Steak (Tom's favorite), Potatoes (Steve's dad's favorite), and warm freshly baked rolls (Steve's favorite).  Also pictured: sauteed mushrooms, buttered carrots, and cooked green beans (a good-intentioned, and delicious attempt to balance this meal).
Before Steve's parents headed out of town, they took a side trip with us to go watch Lily and Amara at their horse riding lessons.  Grandpa even had his cowboy hat!

This summer, we participated in the 101 things to see and do in the Uintah Basin Contest.  Many of the photos you'll see from this summer were activities we did to check off another thing off that list.  I can tell you now, since I just found out not too long ago that we won the contest!  We did 77 of the 101 things!
Fishing with Sarah Hall and her kids at Matt Warner Reservoir- an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place!  We didn't catch a thing though.  The trip was worth it for the wildlife viewing and the amazing scenery.

A pic of the drive up to Matt Warner Reservoir

Look what else we saw on our drive!

This little guy was just moseying along the side of the road.  There were deer everywhere.

I love how this bird has the perfect plank position.
We also went up Dry Fork Canyon on another outing and hiked some of the Flume Trail and took pics.

We love the Outlaw Outdoor Theater.  They put on one play every year, and it plays for a week or so.  This year it the play was "Camelot."  It was kinda dumb, actually, but the actors and directors did a wonderful job.  It was the storyline that was lacking desperately.

We played kid games at Myton Days.  It's such a small town that the lines weren't very long ;)

Nearby the Myton Days celebration, we found a geocache in the cemetery up the street.  We signed our names in the little book provided and put it back for another person to search for.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad let us kids have a chance to drive the van whenever we would go on an adventure in the middle of nowhere.  So, I thought I'd do the same for my kids. 

We fished at Pelican Lake for a time.  Caught nothing but a tree and some lake slime.
Our trips to Ouray Bird Refuge have always provided us with great wildlife viewing. 
This antelope was limping a bit.  Wonder what happened?

Look carefully in the shadow beneath the bird and you'll see the eggs.

Taking pics of dragonflies.

We went to Fantasy Canyon on a very hot day.  We were shade seekers, and there was very little shade to be found.

Amara checked out a bunch of books from the library and read them all in a week.  Grandma Debby pays her $5 per novel up to $20/month.  She and Lily love that and turn in book reports to her each month.  Both girls love reading

And to end the month of June, we attended the wedding of my step-sister, Ashley.  It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride.  She and Jared were married in the Draper temple and had their luncheon and reception at Cedar Ridge, which was just gorgeous!  We took advantage of the scenery and took some family photos along with some wedding photos.

It was so nice to have some grass for the kids to run around in.

April holding Tanner (Hayley's baby)

Cupcakes of all kinds at the luncheon.  They also had a fiesta themed buffet.

Waiting for picture taking at the temple...

I was told to wear a short navy dress.  I bought a long dress but shortened it myself by creatively using little rubber bands.

Can you see how I made little gathers that looked like buttons?  The dress was short in the front and long in the back.

Take a look at Ashley's shoes!

Amara and Lily playing with Devon and Stockton

Spencer and Tommy

Debby and me.  Isn't her gown beautiful?

Cake time!

Joe and Missy surprised us all and flew in from Hawaii!!!

I saw my cousin Mick!

Joe, my dad, and Uncle Mike

Catching the bouquet!

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