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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lily's Guest Post: Random Pictures

 Amara sure loves her candy corn! She bought two little bags of them and ate it all in a few days.

 I babied this huge white carrot to add to my huge vegetable whatever.
 And this zucchini made it in too! So now I have two huge veggies (I got the zucchini from the Lapoint corn maze)!

Our new nightgowns! That we got for Christmas, they were sew-your-own
and we JUST got around to it.
 Amara's school pictures! Comment which is your favorite one.



 We went ice-blocking, and that was tons of fun. We got a big ice block from the store and brought a towel from home. We went to Constitution Park, the one with that huge steep hill.

We had our last horseback riding lesson for the year. This one technically wan't a lesson, we just went rode our horses to the bigger arena and played tag with Mya (yes, she got to ride with us this time!)and when we arrived, she already had caught our horses and they were waiting for us, tied to the trailer.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to horses, but not badly and I only get a runny nose when a horse hair flies up my nostril. It's not very serious, I hardly get rashes and I'm perfectly fine if I wash my hands after riding.

My photography! I took these below pictures, again, please comment your favorite!


We went rafting a few weeks ago, in our front yard! We made a homemade raft with a winter sled, water bottles and milk jugs, and duct tape!

By the end of the day, the water rose hardly above your ankles, so I'm glad we got around to rafting when we did!

This is Amara's picture of Jake. His true name is Jake the Snake, because he often bites. Not hard though, it doesn't draw blood or anything, but it does kind of hurt.

I'm so clumsy so it hardly hurts me (I haven't had a day where I didn't hurt myself, stubbing my toe or getting a new bruise). His brother is a grey cat, named Smoky. He's very friendly, but he too bites people. But only when you hold him for too long.

Smoky is always trying to get in our house. A few days ago (aka last night) it was pouring outside, and Amara left the garage and the trunk to our car open! Smoky, since he's always trying to get inside our house, probably thought the car was close enough. I found two yellow eyes staring at me from the driver's seat!


Margaret Christensen said...

Love your new post. Glad to see more fun photos. Love you. Grandma

Amanda Lauret said...

Fun post! I love reading about what you guys have been up to. I like the #2 picture of Amara best, and #5 that you took. :)