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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Young Women New Beginnings- Welcome Amara!

 This year's New Beginnings for Young Women welcomed our very own Miss Amara!  With the recent changes to when children are advanced from primary into young women, my little Amara got to join the Beehives class as an 11 year old~ wow!  As soon as she could, she got a temple recommend and we went and did baptisms in the temple.  Everyone was amazed at how little she was.  She was one of the very first 11 year olds to enter our temple.  That's pretty special.  We went the very first day they were opened after the announcement.  She loved it so much and has wanted to go back every day ever since.  We've been a few times now.  I love her enthusiasm!

They introduced Amara with a spotlight she had filled out earlier.  I enjoyed seeing that her favorite food was oranges.  That's new to me!  She hardly ever chooses to eat them when we have them in the house.  She told me later that she just wrote that because she couldn't think of anything.
The gym was decorated with some hearts the beehives made for the event.  We all had a heart on our seat with a little written note.  The theme was "As I Have Loved You."
 Each of the young women had to come up and say something they loved about their parents.
 I don't remember everything that was stated, but I remember Lily loved me because of all I do to teach them at home.  And she loved her dad because he reads to them each night.
 Then they sang us their mutual theme song.
 Dessert was so many delicious homemade cookies!

 Oh yeah, they had the audience play a game and try to guess the young woman that the baby picture belonged to.  They had me submit a baby picture of Amara, which I couldn't choose just one, so I gave them all of these.  Most are poor quality because they're just screenshots from my phone as I snapped away at digital home videos.  But, isn't she SO CUTE?  I miss holding that tiny little thing.  I still love holding her, though.

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Myrna said...

I see that she wants to be a librarian! Good choice--it is a great profession!