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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Steve's 42nd Birthday

Steve has such a winning smile, doesn't he?  He should model it for millions, shouldn't he?
How does opening a gift on every 42nd minute of the hour sound to you?  Super fun?  We thought so too, so that's what we planned to do for Steve's 42nd birthday.  The girls and I bought him many small gifts so he could have something each hour.  We wrapped them all and had them on display on the TV stand for a few days prior to his big day.

To start his day off, Steve walked down the hall to the decorated living room.  Amara threw a container full of colorful homemade paper confetti in the air and it rained down right after he passed by, he's such a cheetah!

Then it was 9:42 and we had him open present #1.  It was the BEST!  Not the best present, just the best idea.  Until it wasn't.  After the present was opened we all felt this overwhelming void. Silence filled the room.  Time seemed to move like it was trudging through mud.  The next present was to wait until 10:42.  It suddenly seemed a dumb idea to wait so long.  So, we changed the rules.  New rule- we'd open a new present every 42 seconds!  Yes, much more fun.

Here's lotsa present pictures for you...

After opening his gifts, he decided it would be appropriate to eat his mini cookies as a breakfast.  He shared and with the girls ate these sweet bowls of bountiful British biscuits with milk poured over them.

Some other fun things we did for Steve's birthday-

  • We ate lunch at China Star
  • Played Scattergories
  • Watched Easter Parade (Steve likes to introduce us to old musicals)

For Steve's birthday cake, we had a brownie sundae bar.  Such a tasty celebration!
Lily's brownie sundae.

Steve is an amazing man.  He is kind and good and an enrichment to the lives of all who take a moment to get to know him and listen to his intricate ribbons of idea.  He is naturally curious and therefore a good person to ask a question to.  ;)  We love him lots and feel very blessed to have him as the man of our home.

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