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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Texas Vacay day 2

Day 2 in Texas was incredible. Jacob's washer needed fixing as did his car as was evidenced by the check engine light that flashed on the day previous. Luckily, it was raining outside oh, so it was the perfect day to try to get some jobs like that done. Kelly had to be at a conference and workshop for work.  Jake worked on fixing his washer for a few minutes, and to his astonishment whatever he did actually worked!

We loaded everyone up to take the car to Jake's favorite car service station where they do everything first class. When we came in we were welcomed by an employee who wrote down what was wrong with the car, offered us a shuttle, led the kids to an indoor playground, and offered us bottles of water or hot chocolate.  The kids played while we discussed what we wanted to do while they fix the car. We ended up using their shuttle car to take us to the mall for a couple hours.

We walked around and made our way to an indoor playground where the kids could run around. Steve got stopped by one of those dead sea salt potion salesman.

When we were done with the mall, we picked up the car and discovered the transmission probably had something wrong with it. It wasn't too crucial to get fixed right away, so we took the car back home. When we went home we fed the kids lunch and just hung out until Kelly got back. We made plans to go to one of Jake and Kelly's favorite places called Lupe's Tortilla. Jake made reservations and by the time we got there we only had to wait maybe 15 minutes to be seated. That place was quite popular and the food was delicious!

Just waiting on the patio for our table to be ready.
The chips and salsa and bean dip were awesome! I liked the slightly smoky flavor of the beans, like they were cooked over a fire. I saved the leftover chips and dips and made us all nachos for lunch the next day.
Amara and Brooklyn and Levi all wanted Mac and cheese.
Lily and Steve both ordered puffy tacos.
Fajitas with steak, chicken, and bacon wrapped shrimp! Soo yummy! Jake, Kelly and I shared it.

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