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Monday, June 10, 2019

Texas Day 5 and beyond: Lakehouse Highlights

GUYS!  We had a TONS-O of fun at the lakehouse.  The lake is known as Sam Reyburn Reservoir and it is actually warm!  No natural water I've ever been in, in Utah, is warm like that, except hot springs.  I actually enjoyed going for a dip.

The following pictures are my scrapbook from the 3 days we spent there.  What an enjoyable stay! Great meals, gorgeous sunsets, fun with family, fishing, boating, jetskiing, good ol' games and good times!
Me and Levi on the patio

This church branch was so nice. Definitely the smallest I have ever been to, yet they sing louder than our ward back at home and they were very welcoming.

We had a BBQ!  Yay for burgers, veggies and dip!

Spaghetti and meatballs night!  Yum!

Levi is such a great helper vaccuuming the Lake House when it was time to go.

We picked so many blueberries at the U-pick farm and Kelli knew just how to properly cure them.  She made jam and pies with them while we were there!

It was my first time trying this tube thing and it was one bumpy ride!

It was 90 degrees and sweat-to-death weather, but there was a fire pit and makings for smores, soooo... what would you do?

Jakes and me going early morning fishing!

Steve found this cool lizard.

Brookie and me with our pretty princess smiles.

A STICK BUG!  This was on our van when we got out of church.

Yet another yummy meal.

More boating fun!!!

The jet skis were a blast!  Pictured above is Lily holding onto Kelli on the blue jet ski, and Jake driving Parker on the yellow one.

Parker and his favorite Aunty Lani!

This is the best bagel breakfast bake!  It's bagels with sausage and eggs and cheese melted all over.  DIVINE!

AND... these pies were TO DIE FOR!  Aren't they pretty too?  Kelli makes a gorgeous blueberry pie, and of course we had the Blue Bell ice cream!

Amara with the only catch of the whole trip!  Go girl!

Steve and Jake got a really bumpity bump bump ride!

Family Jet Ski time!

This sunset was no joke.  So Firey!  This was not an edited photo!

FRIED PICKLES!  They really are a delicious!

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