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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Texas Day 4: Blueberries and the Lake

On the way to the lake house, we stopped by a U-Pick blueberry farm. That was a fun experience and with both our family and Jake's, we picked enough pounds to equal 60 something dollars in blueberries. I like that we were encouraged to eat blueberries along the way so that we could test them for ripeness, there were all kinds of varieties. they had flags directing people which rows of blueberries were ready to be picked.  I know for a fact that the blueberries I picked were the tastiest.

after the farm, we headed off to the lake house, a two-hour drive. We decided to stop off for lunch at a Texas known establishment called Whataburger. We had heard from our shuttle car driver a few days previous that Whataburger is the best, so of course we had to try it. My review on it is that it was fine, just like every other fast food burger place in my opinion, but I'm glad I got to try it since it is a Texas thing.

After arriving at the lake house and setting up things, we finished the night off with a phenomenal boat ride into the sunset with Captain Kelli at the helm!

Since this blogging app that I am using on my phone seems to place pictures in random order, you get to just sift through them. Enjoy!
It was so sweet to see Brooklyn so fond of Lily.

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