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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frozen Feet, Riding a Camel, and Other Holly Days Stuff

 The weekend after Thanksgiving is Vernal's city celebration called "Holly Days."  This year, the weather turned bitter cold, but we thought we'd dress warm and go ride a camel.  Afterall, none of us has ever done it before and it was F.R.E.E.!!!  In fact every activity was free there, so it attracts a good number of people.

So, we dressed warmly, AND we froze.  If we weren't standing right next to one of the roaring fires that were blazing in metal bins all around, then our hands and feet were iced over.  But we were going to make the most of this free activity, so we braved the bitter.

There were pony rides and the line was pretty short, so we had the girls ride.
Amara named her's Pinky because it's tail was pink.

Lily named her pony Midnight.
 Then we stood in line for 1 and a half hours to ride the camel.  It was so cold!  I cannot express just how cold we were.  That was the longest wait EVER!  But the good news was that the camel was warm when we rode him.
Here's Lily in the front and me on the back.  Steve and Amara went on the camel before us and he took the camera with him, so no pictures of them.
 After the camel, we went to get something to eat and warm up.  Then we went to the indoor arena where there were bouncy houses and such.  The girls got to have some fun.  I was beat.  I sat and watched from the bleachers.
Not pictured:
  • Lily and I went into a money booth and got to catch as much money and coupons as we could in 10 seconds as it blew all around us.  We got 3 bucks and some coupons.  
  • Lily rode a go-cart.  We have a video.  If I find it, I'll post it.
All in all, it was a COLD and fun memory-making day.

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