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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Way To Play Amara!

Our family had so much fun watching Amara play Jr. Jazz this past season.  She started the season looking like a lost sheep, but by the end she was dribbling and guarding with the rest of them.  Amara was always excited for her games and she especially liked calling to invite her Grandma and Grandpa Mapother to her games.  They came and supported her.  Her grandpa would keep score in his head (since they don't keep score at these games) and he was even keeping running statistics on every player on the court.  I'm not kidding.  I thought it was great.  Maybe he'll volunteer to be a coach next year... what do you say Tom?

Amara's favorite thing about playing basketball was learning to guard.  Once she figured out how to guard, she loved doing it and took every opportunity she was presented to throw her hands up in front of her opponent's vision.  It was probably my favorite thing to watch her do, too.  It was especially entertaining to see her and her opponent with their arms held high, staring down each other, mid-court, neither of them with the ball, but both of them intent on guarding the other.  Steve was amused by the amount of "face passes" that occured.  Almost every game someone got passed to in the face at point blank range.  No worries, no one was injured.

I had my phone camera that I was learning to use, so I have a few short, yet good videos of her playing (sorry they're a little blurry).  These were taken at her last 2 games.  Enjoy!

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1 comment:

Cute Sauce said...

That's my Amara!! Just like her auntie April