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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lily's Poem Published

Lily letting her creative juices flow.
This school year, our family has been participating in a program called My Tech High.  It is a program that creates a partnership between innovative public charter schools and progressive home schoolers with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship.  It's really cool and I'm glad we're a part of it. One of the schools that is partnered with My Tech High is Provo eSchool.  They publish an online student magazine, called EDGE, each year, showcasing their students' creativity.  I received an email that they were accepting submissions for publication, and I asked the girls if they had anything to submit.  Lily had published a creative little poem on her blog, and she thought that I should submit that.  She didn't have a title, so we thought of one together and submitted it. 

The magazine was recently published and sure enough, there was Lily's submission a few pages in.  Gotta love it!  I'm not sure how well or for how long the link will work, but click here to go to the online magazine and see it for yourself.

Way to go Lily!  Here is the poem she submitted:

Alliterating Alphabet
By: Lily, age 8

Anna alligator ate an apple at an apple market.
Bill the bear ate blueberries.
Ciarra cat called cippy the canibol.
Diny dug dinosaur bones.
Ella the elaphant cracked eggs.
Fara the fish fought Frod the frog.
Gilly the gillfish got lotsa gold.
Harry the horse had hundreds of hearts.
Ima iguana is in an igloo.
Jarry the jaguar jumped and jumped.
Karry the kangaroo kicked Koby.
Lily the lioness licked lots of lollipops.
Mary monkey moved slowly.
Nora the noddy mother nodded noddily.
Ollie the octupus ordered pizza.
Polly the parrot picked up Pilly the parakeet.
Quails quilted quilts quickly.
Ronny ran round a rock.
Slimy snakes slithered on slippery solid socks.
Tommy the tomcat tickled Tara the toucan.
Ummmmm. said Uldy the ugly.
Villy the viper voted for Volly the viper.
Wally the walrus wanted to win.
I don't know about X.
Yilly the yak yanked.
Zippidy zap! Zipped the zebra.

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