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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Loving Faces Say A Sad Farewell

Do you know what happened on December 7th?  Tragedy.  My dear loving brother and his sweet family were abducted by a moving truck destined for Texas leaving no trace behind except a hole in our hearts.
We miss their smiles and their company!  Tons!  However, I've come to grips that life has its turns and bends that we must travel, and sometimes the right path leads to faraway Texas.  I know God has something great in store for them because He wouldn't move them that far from me unless that was the case.  I'm sure of it.

So, I made the trip down to Payson with my mom and my 2 girls to help with the move.  We stayed at April's new place in Spanish Fork, and we had a wonderful time visiting everyone.  It was a blessing to go to the temple one evening for a special person to us all, Grandpa Guting.  We could all feel his love and presence.  Later, it was kinda strange going to Micah's house afterward without any kids.  And you could tell we were all parents because we all noticed how different it was not having your attention split a million different directions.  :)  Needless to say, it was a great evening.

Then the next day the heavens began to weep along with us, for the day arrived and the moving van was in abduction-mode.  It was a COLD December day and the snow let us know it.

See the Payson temple being built in the background?  They had an awesome view from their backyard.
Some people helped by moving things into the truck.  Others were cleaning, and others were trying to keep track of all the kids.  It's good to have family :)

Here are some of the loving faces that I got pictures of that were there to say goodbye.

Parker off to Texas


Silly Lily

Devon (Yuta and Hok- my dad's exchange students- in the background)


Amara.  Can you tell she had a few glazed donuts?


Maxwell again- I'm not sure which picture is better so I put both in.

My girls playing with Brooklyn.   She's so cute!

Baby Brooklyn

Hard-working Spencer


My dad
Lily keeping Brooklyn warm with a blanket. I love that I got a picture of her looking at the camera.
There were others that I didn't get pictured that I can't remember because that was over a month ago and the synapses in my brain didn't make a strong enough connection to remember it all.  Sorry.

 It was a LONG day of HARD work, but we'd do it again for them because we LOVE them TONS!
May Texas serve up some good days for ALL Y'ALL!

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Cute Sauce said...

Reading this made me cry, no, Bawl my Eyes out and then I felt like I was going to throw up so I had to go look at the pic of Devon and then I started cracking up. Thanks lani for getting all these pics.