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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Grandma Debby's Disney Surprise and Family Pictures

 It was at Sunday dinner at my dad's house where Debby decided to reveal her surprise vacation she had been planning for months.  She and my dad planned to rent a big van and take the grandkids that were 9 and older on a weeklong adventure to the beach, Disneyland, and finally end up at grandpa Blad's cabin in Antimony for a reunion where they'd join the rest of the families/grandkids.  Debby had texted these plans to me and as I was reading it, I excitedly told my girls about it and finished reading the text aloud to them which ended with, "please don't tell the grandkids, I'm going to surprise them."  Oops.  Totally spoiled it.   I told my kids to act surprised when the time came.

So, Debby gathered Lily, Jay, Emmy, JJ, and Malia into the bedroom where Amara was laying down feeling awfully sick and running a fever.  She handed out the gifts with the cards.
Grandma Debby handing out beach towels with a card.
 Debby knew my kids knew, and then we found out that all the grandkids had actually been told by their parents who had made the same mistake as I had when reading the text.  Everyone was elated, even if it wasn't a true surprise.
Amara reading her card on the bed as the other grandkids read theirs.
The beach towel gifts were a fun surprise for everyone, though.  Lily got Elaina of Avalor (I have no idea who that is, but my kids do), and Amara got Ariel the mermaid.
Everyone revealing their fun new beach towels! 
After dinner, it was off to take pictures in a field behind the Northridge Park.  It was so fortunate we had everyone there.  The following are the pictures that were snapped with my phone camera:
Take a look at all 24 of those cousins, and all under the age of 13.  I like how April is running to get out of the picture and Jacob is hiding behind the kids to try to get out of the camera's view.

Back (L-R): Jake, Kelli
Front (L-R): Brooklyn, Levi, and Parker

Back (L-R): Alexa, Micah, Mandy
Front (L-R): Rexton, Maxwell, Jaxon

Back L-R: Malia, Missy, Joe
Front: Jayden, Maizie, JJ

Back (L-R): Me (Lani) and Steve
Front (L-R): Amara, Lily
I wish we would've had the kids next to our sides for this picture so you can see our sizes more accurately.  I will take the time to note here that Lily is about 1 inch shorter than me, but we wear the same shoe size and we actually switched shoes for these photos because she didn't want to be taller than me in her wedge shoes and I in my flats. ;)  Also, Amara did a good job smiling even though she felt like barfing and was running a fever. I felt so bad for her.

Back (L-R): April, Bridger, Spencer
Front (L-R): Tommy (trying to run off), Devon

Tommy content to have broken free.

Here's a pic of all my siblings on my dad's side.  L-R: Trent, April, Hayley, Micah, Heather, Joseph, Ashley, Lani, Jake

Here's a pic with me and my siblings.  L-R: me, Micah, Joe, April, Jake

Now we added my mom.  Debby's a gracious person and was happy to let my mom get some pics with her kids.

Me, my mom, and April.  Not sure what made us laugh.

My mom's daughters/daughter-in-laws.  L-R: Mandy, April, Kelli, Me, Missy

My mom's sons/son-in-laws (L-R): Jake, Steve, Joe, Spencer, Micah.... and the fire hydrant?

Then Jake decided to spice up the pics.

The photos turned from keepsake into awkward.

Then mom was pulled into a pic with her boys

Remind me to quit having Joe be in the back.  Makes an interesting totem pole, though.

Can't leave a photoshoot without Jake trying to show off his calf muscles!  There's a keeper!
And here's a few from the photographer that I got off Debby's facebook:
My dad, Jim Lauret, and Debby.  

My Dad and Debby and their posterity


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