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Saturday, May 11, 2013

EASTER! Spring Break- Part 2

It was so fun to share Easter with more family!
We spent Easter day with Steve's family.  The girls got to wear their new matching Easter dresses to church (Thanks Grandma Debby!) and they were excited to have pretty fans given to them from the Easter bunny!  Steve's dad has joined his ward choir and it was fun to see him up there with everyone else in the choir as they presented a beautiful sacrament meeting program.

Later that afternoon, Lily made name cards for everyone that was coming to dinner.

 Easter dinner was extra-special this year as Steve's mom planned a menu focused on our Savior and the foods that he would have eaten.  Behold!  The honeycomb.  She even tracked down a local farmer that sold her some.
Pomegranite juice... yum!
 Cooked asparagus, carrots, lentils, and white fish...
Carob, Figs, goat cheese, olives, cheeses, some raw veggies, and stuffed eggs (that last one wasn't mentioned in the sciptures, but hey, what's Easter without stuffed eggs?)  There were also some fresh buns that Beverli had made, but didn't make it onto my camera roll.
 This feast was so yummy, I forgot to take a picture of my plate until I had already eaten a bunch.
 The honey comb was a nice chewy wax.  Some of the combs had a bee nestled inside, but we avoided that area.  Except James.  He decided to eat one.  And I can't remember, but I think he liked it???
After the feast, we enjoyed an Easter -hunt for all sorts of treasures including garden seeds, frisbees, gardening gloves, and candy.

 Amara was very excited to find so many garden seed packets.  She really loves to garden, but I think we may have gotten a few more seeds than we needed, so we shared with others :)

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