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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grandpa's Cioppino Night (Spring Break-part 4)

 The much-anticipated day had come that we would be warming our bellies with Grandpa's Cioppino for our evening meal.  The morning did not disappoint as the crisp spring air gave opportunity for a jolly jaunt with relatives at a park in Lehi. 

 Then, afternoon was upon us.  Not wanting to miss the Cioppino tutorial, we arrived at the Lauret household.  The trees were in bloom welcoming us there.

 The kids busied themselves by playing outside in the warm sunshine.
 The adults found good conversation among themselves as the Cioppino cooked.
 Little ones began to hunger for the want of food...
 Then long-awaited faces of far-away relatives arrived for Grandpa's Cioppino.  It brings family together.
 Not one drop of Cioppino was going to be wasted down a seafood-sneering child's lips, so fried rice was made the Lauret-Chinese way, that is to say in a wok on a "camp chef" on the deck.
Ham, veggies, and egg get fried up first.

 Then the massive white lump of day-old rice is added.
 He breaks it up and frys it all up with shoyu.  Yum.
 Meanwhile the Cioppino was cooking.
 We all enjoyed visiting as the tantalizing aroma filled the air.

Love my grandma!

 Many people, many cars.
 Cioppino is almost done.
 And there was much rejoicing the household of Lauret.
 This is one memorable meal!  Thank you Grandpa!
 It was quite delicious, fed our crowd, and not one drop remained.
 After Cioppino, there was much conversing.

My dear cousin, Evelyn :)  It's been so MANY years!

 Later, Ben mesmorized the children with his fancy card tricks.  The kids LOVED the tricks.  Even after he went home they longed for more.  Ben obliged their requests and filmed himself at home and posted a bonus card trick on YouTube for the kids.  There's a mansion in heaven for you, Ben!

And don't forget...

Grandpa's Cioppino Tutorial Slideshow:

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Amanda Lauret said...

I may not love Cioppino, but I loved your post! You are so good at remembering to take pictures!

And that Ben really is such a sweetie! How nice to take the time to make a video for the kids.

Bobbie said...

I feel like I just ate that yummy ciappino. Thanks for recording this recipe... I can't wait to make this! Hopefully, I will be able to remember how to work the stove in the grave. lol