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Friday, May 31, 2013

An Evening of Art at School

 The school does an evening of art every year where all the students get to show off their artwork and the classes show off some sort of performing art together.  This year, Amara made an alphabet book with lots of different forms of art.  We really have an awesome art program at our school.
 Amara's class performed one of their "indoor recess" wiggle songs called "Jack Jump!" based on the nursery rhyme "Jack Be Nimble."  I recorded it, but I'm a terrible camerawoman, so sorry for the shakiness!

 Here's some of the art that the girls did that was lining the halls of the school.

Lily's self portrait stamp

Lily's winter scene

Steve's winter scene

Amara's snowflake

Amara's butterfly
 Steve's class (Lily's class) performed capoeira for their performing art.  I got the entire performance recorded which ended up being about 10 minutes.  Unfortunately it takes awhile to upload/download, but if you're patient you can watch it below in the smilebox presentation.

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 Lily's art teacher selected her and a few other students from the school to participate in the "Federal Duck Stamp" art contest.  She won a blue ribbon for participating and certificate of appreciation.  Did you even know that such a contest existed?  Yes, it's a Federal contest.  Perplexed?  Me too.

 A few weeks later, 2nd grade performed for their parents a half-hour program filled with songs and narration about the rock cycle.  It turned out really well.  Lily got to hold the "Metamorphic" sign.
 See her on the top row?
I'm so proud :)


Bobbie said...

These are truly proud moments for a parent :) I didn't know she drew a duck that won but I am NOT SURPRISED. Whenever we have her drawing competitions, she always wins!! But look at what she is competing with... her Gwamma. hehe That was so cool that she won First Prize! I need to come and see Amara's book that she created. I don't remember her showing it to me. My sound on my computer at work is not working, so everyone who was doing capoeira was doing it in silent motion... really silent motion. ahaha but it 'looked' good. :) Good job, Steve~!

Bobbie said...

I love those winter scenes... that is way cool! Good job Lily and Steve :) By the way, the butterflies take on a 'MRI' look when on paper. ahaha