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Monday, May 13, 2013

Flat Stanley and Wreck It Ralph! (Spring Break- Part 3)

 Flying Kites with Flat Stanley

Lily and Amara got kites in their Easter baskets this year, so the next day when the wind began to whip, our family took them to the park just down the street from Grandma Christensen's home. 

We brought Amara's "Flat Stanley" to the park to fly kites.  For those who don't know who Flat Stanley is, let me explain.  In Kindergarten the kids color a picture of Flat Stanley, then they have to send him on an adventure by mailing him to someone.  The Flat Stanley recipient is supposed to take Flat Stanley somewhere and document their time together, then mail him and the documentation back to the school. Amara actually made 2 Flat Stanleys or perhaps I should say Flat Stellas (females) and she mailed one to Orem to her Lauret grandparents and one to American Fork to her other grandparents.  She met up with both Stanleys on our Spring Break and both Stanleys did Easter things with her.  Then the Stanley that went to American Fork got emailed off to Cambodia where her Uncle Matt lives.  He took Stanley on a few adventures and emailed back the pictures.  We've compiled the Flat Stanley stuff into a smilebox presentation for her to share with her class.  It's also found somewhere in the middle of this post.

The kites flew and it was fun.  Then the strings either broke or got so tangled up that the kites were done, which worked out because the wind was starting to get really cold. 

Here's a few more pictures of us being hanging out at Steve's parents' house...

And here's the Flat Stanley presentation...
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Movie Night with Cousins

We went to Micah's house for a movie night. 
Cute Rexton!  I had fun holding him.

With bowls of popcorn, we watched "Wreck It Ralph" and the kids sat on a blanket in front of the T.V..
At the end of the movie everyone danced to the music!
We had a lot of fun together.

1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

I love that flat Stanley/Stella idea! And how awesome that Amara's got to go all the way to Cambodia! Was that the furthest in her class? Do you think you can mail me with Stanley next time?