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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Few August Happenings

Lily, Amara, and I all decided to get our hair cut, and we all decided on the exact same length and do.  I paid my talented friend, Amy Taylor, to do the job.  She did such a great job.
Amy's daughter, Brooklyn, wanted a picture with Amara.
Amara before the haircut:

Between the 3 of us, we got lots of hair cut off.  Not pictured is my long ponytail of hair that was cut off prior to the trim up.  Can you tell whose hair is whose?
Amara's After Hair Cut:

I didn't take a before of Lily :(  BUT here's her cute after.  No more long, arduous, painful hairbrushing moments.  Yay!

We also went to our ward Campout at Big Springs up Uinta Canyon.  My mom joined us, also, which was so fun.  She slept in a tiny one man tent next to ours.
The primary kids sang a camp song, and I performed "Never on a Sunday" with a small group of ladies.

There was a little stream near our camp.

On our hike, my mom found 2 dollars.  What are the chances?

Big Flowers at Grandma Christensen's
Grandma Christensen's Hibiscus was in full bloom for us. 
The bloom is as big as our heads!

Steve's has a new hobby- Photography!
Up American Fork Canyon, near Tibble Fork Reservoir.

Lily is a budding artist!

Strawberry Reservoir
He captures the beauty God creates for us and I'm really proud of how much research and practice he's putting into this.  His hobby he hopes to turn into a business.

I took this picture.  I loved the golden sunset with the silhouettes of the water wheels.

Steve started his 8th year teaching 2nd Grade.

We started to harvest our potatoes.
It is one of the girls favorite things to harvest.  Steve or I take the shovel and dig up the plant, then they go through and sift the dirt to find the potatoes. 
The red potatoes we grew came in various sizes.
Isn't this little guy cute?

In other news, my sister's belly was as big as a basketball.

Yes, I shoved a basketball under my shirt.  April's basketball is actually a baby.
We had fun playing with cousins during our visits, too!  ;)

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