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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Halloween 2014

Remember the big dump-and-sort your candy after trick-or-treating? It was one of my favorite parts. I liked watching my girls do the same thing on Halloween this year. We celebrated Halloween many times this year. We went to our own ward's trunk or treat, and to Halloween parties for homeschool, and trick-or-treating around grandma Christensen's neighborhood, and to Uncle Micah's house for a Halloween party and trick-or-treating there too.
Lily was a mermaid at our trunk or treat, she was a black cat for our homeschool Halloween party, and for the actual Halloween day she decided to be a cowgirl. Amara was a black cat for the trunk or treat, Dracula vampire for homeschool Halloween party, and settled on being a cowgirl for the actual Halloween day.
The Halloween party at Micah's house was really fun!  Everyone dressed up.
Tommy was a football.
April was a genie.
Micah was a pirate. And he prepared these adorable hotdog mummys for the kids to eat. 
We set out for trick-or-treating in Micah and Mandy's neighborhood.
Jaxon was a Jedi, Rexton was Winnie the Pooh, and Maxwell was a vampire.
Devin was a ninja.
Then we picked up Joe's family. JJ was a really creepy vampire.
Jayden was a ninja.
These two cute cousins are the exact same age, only 14 days apart.
Maybe you can see Alex in the background leaning on the house. He was a Brazilian foreign exchange student that stayed with my dad's family five years ago. He came back for an internship in Utah and was able to join us for trick-or-treating. We love Alex. 
Joe had some pretty fun decorations for Halloween in his yard!
Miss Maizie was Elsa from frozen!
Joe was Batman.  Isn't Jayden his perfect little mini me?
The neighborhood we trick-or-treated in was very well decorated and festive. They even set up this fun face-cut-out-portrait place you could take pictures.

The weather was perfect. No one was cold, and the sunset was beautiful!
When we got back to Micah's house, there was plenty of delicious foods awaiting our arrival.
Homemade Halloween donuts!
We had a very happy Halloween!

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