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Friday, December 26, 2014

Tommy's Blessing and Visits with Us

My precious nephew, Tommy, was blessed in October. He got his baby blessing at my dad's house.

There were many tasty delectables to be had afterward. Don't ask what happened to the top of the brownies. It has something to do with greedy college girls with swollen taste buds.

Friends and family from both April and Spencer's sides gathered. 
Tommy kept his eye on everyone.   Or maybe he just kept his eye on Lily, because she's his favorite cousin, according to Lily herself.
Tommy is a very loved nephew!
Tommy is blessed to have such a loving and caring mother,
And an adoring father.
Now it's time for a Tommy photo shoot!

This next picture is not of Tommy, but it is of his cute cousin Amara. 
And Tommy loves his Aunty Lani. 

I am a Tommy fan! What he does, I do.
And then I just have to give him big kisses on his tubby tubby teeks!
And then he's happy baby again!

Being a newborn is exhausting, and taking care of a newborn is exhausting!  True story.  Sleep well, baby Tommy. We love you.

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