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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Amara Junior-Jazzing

 GO AMARA!  We have so much fun going to watch Amara play Jr. Jazz basketball.  Her league is co-ed, made up of 1st and 2nd graders, and she's the only girl on her team.  This is Amara's second season playing Jr. Jazz, and she loved it.  In fact, she talked it up so much that I think she convinced her sister to try to play next year. 
 At this level, there are no refs and the coaches stay on the court with the players to help them out.  The kids are given wrist bands of various colors that they wear, and the other team has colored wrist bands also, this is so that they know who to guard.  Amara LOVES guarding, and she's good at it. 
 Amara even made 2 baskets for her team this season!  They don't keep points at this level of Jr. Jazz, and they don't call traveling or fouls.  No free throws, either.  It's just a really basic game of offense and defense and get the ball in the basket.  It is so much fun to watch because they are all still learning.
Here are several snapshots I took with my phone of her games. She is number 27, and she loves to guard!
In the next picture, Amara is sitting on the bench next to the assistant coach.

She's a good hustler! She can run up and down the court fast.
In this next picture, you see her coach giving her some pointers.

Just look at that girl guard!  Go amara!

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