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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making Plans for the New Year

This is a time of resolutions and planning for the new year. I'd like to share here with all my friends and family some simple truths I've learned this year and my hope for the next. 

We all have a need for relief in our lives. Relief from pain, relief from sorrow, relief from stress, relief from illness, and relief from the burdens of sin. The relief for each of these is found in the same place. The healer and lifter of burdens invites us with open arms to come to Him and find rest and peace. True peace comes only from one source, and it cannot be counterfeited.  

With humble heart, I have sought the peace promised by the Holy One, I've prayed, asked for comfort, forgiveness, and for miracles at various times in my life, and you know what I found out?  Relief comes, in Gods own time, and miracles are real. God really does care about me and my measly problems. He really does know what I'm suffering through and he knows how to help me. He has given me peace time and time again.  And I have found relief. 

Now I feel it is my duty to share with everyone this truth. Our lives were not meant to be without hardships, but to know the source of true peace can bring light to your darkest nights and hope to your aching soul. The source of peace is Jesus Christ. Pray and find the hope and happiness that awaits you in your trials.  He has suffered everything so he'd know how to help us.  He is merciful and forgives even the most grievous sins. He lightens burdens and can relieve your pain.  It is my hope that in this new year we can all rely more on our Savior, Jesus Christ and find relief. 

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Amanda Lauret said...

What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing!